AdVenture Capitalist

If life gives you lemons, hire someone to squeeze them for you

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Puzzle games like AdVenture Capitalist are incredibly popular for their engaging style of play and their simple nature, and this game is one that follows that same pattern by showing what you should do when life gives you lemons.

According to this game, you become a millionaire when life gives you lemons. The entire game is based on a single idea, and that is to gain as much wealth as you can using only a single lemon as a starting point.

At first, the player has nothing but one lemon to start out. Using that lemon, the player is able to squeeze lemon juice and create lemonade, which is then sold for a profit at a lemonade stand. The player then uses the profit to buy more lemons, which then allows for even more profit from the lemonade stand.

Eventually, the player will have enough money to buy a second lemonade stand. A third lemonade stand will be accessible shortly after that. Everything happens with just a few clicks, and soon you'll have enough wealth to be able to hire employees to run your lemonade stands and squeeze your lemons for you. After a while, you'll be able to afford a pizzeria. Once the pizzeria has proven successful, the player can use the profits from the business to buy an oil refinery. As anyone with real-world experience can tell you, that is basically the exact sort of opportunity that opening a lemonade stand at age 30 can produce.

There is very little required of the player in this game beyond the simple clicking that keeps the progress moving forward. Updates come to the game with fair regularity, but all that truly does is extend the path toward the highest possible wealth. Even when the game isn't open, it continues to gain wealth for the player over time. Literally doing nothing will eventually make the player a millionaire.

What makes the game fun is that the branching tree of paths toward the highest wealth makes it nearly impossible to reach the end. You can almost always hire new employees, buy new businesses, find new sources of revenue, and earn more money. That ability to keep going with no end in sight is what keeps many of the players moving forward. The game feels almost limitless.

When they player pulls up the operating screen, they are greeted with everything they need to see in order to make all their pertinent business decisions. Players can see what sort of profits their businesses are earning, how much it would cost to expand each business, and how long each decision will take to fully pan out.

In a sense, playing AdVenture Capitalist is a lot like watching a movie or television program for the sole reason of wanting to finish the content. The game is so simple that the plot is more intriguing than the gameplay itself, and the call to earn more and more money is a great way to spend free time in the real world.

  • Fun Graphics
  • Incredibly Engaging
  • Lemons Galore
  • No Difficulty
  • Kills Free Time

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